Is it normal to get aroused by smelling my roommate's used jockstrap?
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After, he's all sweaty after an afternoon in the gym, he just puts his used underwear in the hamper. Whenever he's away, I tend to look through his hamper and sniff his sweaty, musky jockstraps and boxer briefs. I get aroused and I jack off while smelling them.

Just to clear things up, I'm not gay. I have a girlfriend... I just like the smell of my friend's musky underwear.

IIN? Am I normal?
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I would reconsider your last sentence
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I mean your last paragraph lol
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So it's not normal?
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I get aroused by human smell. And yes, when I am around s guy or a girl whom I am attracted to, I would not hesitate if given the chance, to take a deep whiff of their underwear. But no licking!!! The smell of a hot crotch is the best.

I don't know if that makes YOU gay or bi, I'm bi and I love it. It prob doesnt make you anything. Just enjoy it, while being careful not freak the guy out.
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well you certainly aren't str8.
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It's not normal if you're not bisexual or homosexual. I'd take some time to re-evaluate your sexuality if I were you.
Could just be you're bi-curious.

And for the record, having a girlfriend isn't mutually exclusive to being homosexual.
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