Do i have a deformed vagina
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I recently have got a new boy boyfriend and iv become very paranoid about my body.
i noticed my flaps on my vagina covering my cl*t stick to eachother if i dont hold them open,they are oversized and realy stretchy aswell.
im embarest because i dont no what my bf will think when he sees them.
is it normal ?
and is there anything i can do to make them smaller.
? >X< ?
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I have that same problem :X
After I read this I guess its common.
due to the fact I believe I am deform also.

Dont worry bout it its 2007 we can fix ourselves :D

But I know exactly how you feel
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This does not sound deformed, just different. Plastic surgery exists for just about anything someone wants but it is costly and not always safe. I don't see what the problem is. Consult with a plastic surgeon if you are willing to dish out several thousand dollars, otherwise quit worrying what others think. If the guy has a problem with you, you wouldn't want to be with him in the first place. It wouldn't bother me the slightest.
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You are not in any way different to the entire female population. We all have labia, which is what you are referring to. Everyone has different sized, shaped labia. Because of the world of pornography, certain parts of it anyway, and mens magazines showing women with very 'neat' genitalia, both men and women are brainwashed into thinking that only this 'look' is normal. Completely untrue. Long, large or even stretchy labia is not uncommon at all, you can find loads of websites that deal with this issue, and all other issues related to the female genitalia, that will show you, you are one of millions just the same.

It is becoming fashionable for people to have surgery on them, which i suppose some people feel they have to do to feel comfortable. Which is a shame.

Sorry to blab on, its just something that interests me, the way certain industries have made women fearful of the way men will perceive their perfectly normal bodies.
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Nothing wrong with that at all and if your BF complains he is the one with the problem not you so dont worry about it big flaps look really good when theyre getting fucked especially from behind
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try using a vaccum cleaner!
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his cum must have been really sticky!!
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bitch your pussy is fine. pussy's pussy ok. if he doesnt like it first take a shower, then dry it in the sun at the local pool.
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salt water shrinks things.... skin things...
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like I said, if you want to get it less overlapping:

Salt water shrinks things, skin things
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sorry hunny but no vagina is perfect.
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I have exactly the same problem, and i know how embarrassing it can be but you're not the only one, my sister's looks like that too. if your bf really does love you he won't make a big deal about it.
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